Corporate spirit - theory versus practice

Date:30 April, 2015

by Natalie Wong, SHKP Corporate Communications

There I was on an orientation programme with Group Training, getting to know the company’s operations, historical development and corporate culture.

The programme had company veteran Ho Lick Tin telling us the history of SHKP.  As he told us about its development in different periods, I learned that the dedication to ‘speed, quality, efficiency’, continuous learning, teamwork and a customer-first attitude have kept the company strong amid the changes and challenges through the years.

Still – knowing is one thing and doing is another.  The second part of the orientation was a game.  We were divided into four groups and given a task related to what we had learned in the morning to complete with limited time and resources.  My group, however, failed to finish on time and so was disqualified.  The evaluation showed that we didn’t pay enough attention to the timetable of progress, so the experience taught us that we need a comprehensive plan as much as regular progress checks to achieve speed, quality and efficiency at the same time.

This is a condensed version of an article in Chinese.